Telling Digital Stories to Grow Profit

Oscar, a working dad supporting his family, wanted to grow his waterless car wash company, but didn’t know how to start. He had an innovative idea, but didn’t know how to scale it.



I provided SEO/SEM and a website redesign that transformed his digital presence and drove a 75% increase in new leads and sales. Thanks to our work together, he’s now fully booked a month in advance and has expanded his team.

Here’s how I did it.

My Role

I helped him discover who his target client was and what mattered most to those clients. We developed a list of all the easiest ways to start reaching them:

  • He was losing tons of leads who just closed his website in the first few seconds because it was self-made and outdated. We decided on a new site to create a strong impression of a trustworthy business.
  • I reimagined his brand from the perspective of his target client, settling on a brand-strategy that highlighted three differentiators they valued most.
  • We launched a new website with strong analytics. That meant he could assess the ROI for each marketing investment. Those analytics also confirmed that the bounce rate was radically reduced by the redesign and the new site’s conversion rate was an industry-leading 6%.
  • I taught him to use the site and data to make better business decisions in the future.


Website Redesign with SEO and Conversion Optimization

web-design-green-website seo-portfolio-example


Design Style Guide

Brand Guidelines


Reporting & Training on Technical Skills to Make Data-Driven Decisions



My Favorite Part

After our digital results, I delivered a campaign to convert existing clients into monthly subscribers, which tripled monthly subscribers in less than two months. 



Marketing, UX & Web Design Process

Business Goals

The business owner wanted to decrease service center call time handling common customer questions. Often, hours a week were spent talking about how the service worked, rather than spending call time booking appointments.


User Interviews

Through customer interviews, I mapped their decision-making process into five steps:

  1. Search on Google
  2. Explore pricing and service quality
  3. Compare two to four alternatives
  4. Select a date of service
  5. Book an appointment


Customer Journey

The previous site skipped to a BOOK NOW call to action immediately. That didn’t meet users during their decision-making process. They were missing the material to review and understand pricing and quality, get answers for their questions, and understand how the services would work.

Most of Clean Green Mobile’s customers find them on Yelp. That means, they’re familiar with the kinds of services and confident that other customers have liked the work. These users wanted to get a quick quote. When they have one, the next action we want to encourage is the BOOK NOW.

New customers have a different journey. First, they needed to find the site on Google. When there, they wanted to see pricing for their vehicle (which is accessed under PRICING), and when they were ready, quickly get an appointment scheduled.   


UX Wireframing


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SEO & Content Strategy 



Website Design & Programming

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