I have a passion for growing companies and the tenacity to think outside boxes, lead innovation, create strong relationships, and build and inspire teams. If you think I might be a fit, you can be in touch.

I bring over 12 years of experience in marketing across industries from startups to enterprises with 9.5 years of SEO expertise. Taking an analytic approach in a competitive landscape, I am adept at quickly finding ways to maximize ROI.

As a graduate student at MIT, Harvard, and University of Michigan, I was fascinated by how people process information to make choices. I learned to understand and affect these decisions to influence sales, behavior, and create emotionally-compelling brands and messages.

I am passionate about creating strategy and content that works, which means automating the right follow-up actions at the right time to create a warm relationship and then a sale. I’m a builder at heart, and what I love to build most are deeply resonant brands through extraordinary content.


  • develop new, data-driven strategies and improve marketing performance
  • deliver SEO strategy, research, UX, information architecture, product naming, positioning, copywriting, content strategy, and video strategy projects and programs at scale
  • design and deliver presentations, trainings, and enablement programs (Google Drive/G Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and Canva)
  • familiar with SEO tools (Ahrefs, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, Deep Crawl, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Adwords, Searchmetrics, Brightedge, PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, AlsoAsked, BuzzSumo, Moz, Google Data Studio, and more)
  • content, photo, and video creation with keen focus on ROI
  • work closely with developers and product teams on implementation
  • deliver technical projects and work closely with developer teams (Agile, Scrum, CMS management, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Next-Gen Media Files, Terminal, SQL, basic Python, many others)
  • generate leads via digital channels (Google Ads, SEO, content marketing, Facebook Ads)
  • set up new systems, automating and optimizing marketing campaigns
  • quickly learn new software and coding skills
  • analytics, reporting, and measuring impact (expert with databases, Google Data Studio, Excel, SQL, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Tableau, Adobe Analytics, custom analytics tools)
  • write compelling copy and webinar scripts that convert
  • reliably close sales at high rates (digital, calls, and events)
  • create high-performance, cross-channel campaigns


SEO Manager Lindsay Germain - Resume


If you think I might be a fit for your team, you can be in touch on LinkedIn.

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