Owning the Social Conversation with Quality Content

With over 78% of adults using social media (Pew Research Center), social media strategy is key to growth for companies.

Marketing manager for a women’s fitness company, I efficiently made content that more than doubled the post reach of this popular Facebook page. Our relatable social content and a personal, customer-centered email marketing campaign drove 27% more sales for the quarter, making it the best grossing quarter the business had to-date.

Here’s how I did it quickly and cheaply.

  • To really test the impact of better content, I made a content-only plan before evaluating paid ads, so I got these results without using paid ads at all.
  • I developed a target client persona and created all content in line with the values, activities, and thinking of that ideal client.
  • I used free tools to create a lean strategy to test.
  • The content I created performed significantly better than planned. This content-only strategy exceeded sales and growth targets, and became the new baseline for improvement.
  • To drive sales from these new connections, we replaced a spammy email marketing campaign style with a more personal one, led by the voice of Liz, the company’s owner.

Thanks to my efforts, fans of the brand were also more engaged, liking and sharing posts 12% more than before, leading to a growth in reach of 107%.marketing-manager-social-facebook-growth

For any business, steady growth is a sign of successful content marketing. I work with clients to improve their digital visibility by creating content that feels personal and stories that get shared. I specialize in writing warm, relatable emails that nurture leads and close sales.