Disrupting the Market for Moms Groups

foodie-moms-logoMoms groups at Bay Area parenting centers used to attract hundreds of women each year. Since launching Foodie Moms, all our competitors have either closed or reduced pricing to try to draw more moms. Meanwhile, the Foodie Moms Group has grown exponentially. It is now seen as a trusted brand and sells at a premium price, and I brought on a growing team to run the company.


Foodie Moms has grown exponentially, expanding 600% within the first six months. Now managed by a growing staff, I owe the company’s success to my strong relationship and digital marketing skills.


How I Made It

Starting from square-one with no reputation and only market research to go on, I uncovered a key insight:

Existing groups all marketed themselves as “support groups,” which carried some stigma and wasn’t exciting for most moms.

Of course, new moms also needed support, which this new group would also provide, but that’s not really what got them excited about signing up for a group.

I created a product and brand strategy focused on offering a fun, exciting alternative. Since new moms groups typically meet during lunchtime, it seemed natural and client-centered to include food, but no other group was doing that yet. Combining these key insights, I built a group offering a relaxed, fun atmosphere over a delicious organic lunch.

As for the name, it came from a market research insight on Yelp:

In the Bay Area, no matter what kind of food people like, almost everyone thinks of him/herself a foodie, with pride.

Early sales for a pilot group verified a strong market, and Foodie Moms quickly established a reputation as a high-quality group that created lasting friendships.

Outside parent centers, no one had successfully launched a new moms group, though many professionals tried. The challenge was to market a group that would be different enough to attract moms to a less-established group, even before it had a reputation.

I booked the very first pilot group solid, thanks to my strong relationship, marketing, and sales skills. Each group after filled as well, and in our first year I tripled our team to handle the growing demand. I filled the groups by:

– building strong promotional partnerships
– exceeding my digital and event sales targets
– capturing and nurturing leads via email
– closing dozens of warm leads in the first year via phone and email

My Role

My responsibility with this project was comprehensive. I:

  • managed SEO/SEM and secured digital partnerships that increase traffic more than 1,000% in under a year
  • developed brand and marketing strategy, content, and managed social media marketing
  • created effective email marketing campaigns to nurture and reach new leads
  • exceeded sales goals via email, website, and phone
  • scoured marketing analytics to improve ROI and measure campaign effectiveness
  • directed marketing events, reaching over 100 new moms for our first local event and converting 33% of event leads to customers
  • negotiated vendor relationships and secured two corporate sponsors to finance our event marketing campaigns

Favorite Part

Making a client-driven product that changed the landscape of new moms groups

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