Creating Exponential Growth with Field Marketing

Sales grow when a marketable offering meets an untapped audience. I helped Zen Hospice Project grow beyond its local nonprofit mission into massive national impact by scaling their education program.

We aimed to grow revenue by 100%. In January, I delivered a marketing plan to scale, which drove over 270% growth in the first quarter, compared to the prior year. By May, we had exceeded their year-long growth target.

The plan included a segmented email strategy, social media, organic digital traffic strategy, and new student enrollment event. Now, they have a working funnel that culminates in an inspiring event that brings an average of 42% of attendees into their education program.

Events like this bridge the gap between interest and action. By giving potential students a “taste” of what they can gain from engaging in the full experience, we scaled the program in a way that felt great to staff and students alike.

Earn More by Using Untapped Data

Sometimes businesses grow without setting themselves up to take full advantage of the data at hand. For the Super Sisters, celebrity personal trainers, I set up data tracking for their digital funnels so they could understand performance for each of their messages on each of their channels.

Using existing tools, custom code, and freeware to keep costs low, I helped them automate and integrate their marketing data from their website and email campaigns.
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Disrupting the Market for Moms Groups

foodie-moms-logoMoms groups at Bay Area parenting centers used to attract hundreds of women each year. Since launching Foodie Moms, all our competitors have either closed or reduced pricing to try to draw more moms. Meanwhile, the Foodie Moms Group is growing exponentially. It is now seen as a trusted brand and sells at a premium price, and I brought on a growing team to run the company.


Foodie Moms has grown exponentially, expanding 600% within the first six months. Now managed by a growing staff, I owe the company’s success to my strong relationship and digital marketing skills. Continue reading

Simple = Effective

An overwhelmingly complex site can stifle conversions because it leaves people feeling overwhelmed. Delivered via marketing consult, I envisioned this simple, easy-to-read redesign that tripled the site’s conversions compared to the prior, super wordy version.
My favorite part: lots more happy babies.

Implementing Digital Strategy from Square One

marketing-birthwaysI brought marketing expertise to reimagine this nonprofit parent-support center, leading them out of a financial crisis that threatened to close their doors. They needed a new website, and despite having over 4,000 local parent emails, they had never implemented content-based email marketing.


I established an email marketing campaign that improved brand awareness, brought in new leads, and increased the rates of parents who returned to the center for multiple events.

My Favorite Part

I loved helping this nonprofit think like a for-profit business, ensuring that each activity undertaken was connected in a strategy to increase class enrollment and evaluating the ROI for each investment of staff and board effort.

My Role

  • Developed a content-based marketing strategy, managing implementation of a new website alongside developer
  • Managed content creation, wrote copy, edited images in Photoshop, and managed blog content creation via a WordPress CMS
  • Launched an email marketing campaign by translating a popular parenting magazine to an email-only format, increasing email engagement (opens, clicks, sales) by ensuring  the content was interesting for readers

Telling digital stories that bring in new clients

family-icon-oscarOscar, a working dad supporting his family, wanted to grow his car wash company, but didn’t know how to start. He drove around town, cleaning cars in his customers’ driveways without using any water at all. He had an innovative idea, but didn’t know how to grow.


I provided SEO/SEM and a website redesign that transformed his digital presence and drove a huge increase in leads and sales. Thanks to our work together, he’s now fully booked a month in advance and has expanded his team.

Here’s how I did it.

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Raise Your Voice above the Crowd with Quality Content

With over 78% of adults using social media (Pew Research Center), social media strategy is key to growth for companies.

Marketing manager for a women’s fitness company, I efficiently made content that more than doubled the post reach of this popular Facebook page. Our relatable social content and a personal, customer-centered email marketing campaign drove 27% more sales for the quarter, making it the best grossing quarter the business had to-date.

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