I want to join large team where I can focus on my passion for Growing Companies. If you think I might be a fit, you can be in touch.

As a digital marketing manager, I have spent over six years advising businesses, small and large, helping identify the lowest-hanging fruit that will increase revenue. I craft copy, content and follow-up strategies that compel sales. Key to my consistent success in growing companies are my strong relationship skills and academic background in the psychology of decision-making.

As a graduate student at MIT, Harvard, and University of Michigan, I was fascinated by how people process information to make choices. I learned to understand and affect these decisions to influence sales, behavior, and create emotionally-compelling brands and messages.

I am passionate about creating strategy and content that works, which means automating the right follow-up actions at the right time to create a warm relationship and then a sale. I’m a builder at heart, and what I love to build most are deeply resonant brands through extraordinary content.


  • work closely with developers and product teams on implementation
  • understand/write front-end code (CMS management, HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, many others)
  • generate leads via digital channels (Google Ads, SEO, content marketing, Facebook Ads)
  • set up new systems, automating and optimizing marketing campaigns
  • quickly learn new software and coding skills
  • rely on data and develop reporting systems for measuring marketing efforts (expert with databases, Excel, SQL, Tableau, custom analytics tools)
  • use key performance metrics to improve digital marketing strategies
  • reliably close sales at high rates (online, via email, on the phone, and at events)
  • design and edit content (Photoshop wizard, plus Adobe Creative Suite, G Suite/Google Drive, Canva)
  • content, photo and video production with keen focus on maximizing ROI on content creation
  • manage implementation working closely with developers
  • analyze and visualizing data to communicate results (Tableau, Excel, Marketo, Hubspot)
  • write compelling copy that converts
  • implement high-performance campaigns via email marketing and automation platforms
  • include business needs and technical feasibility in the strategy design process



Digital Marketing Manager

August 2010 – November 2016

I consulted for local and national clients, including Sutter Health midwives at St Luke’s and MIT, working closely with developers on implementation and wrote front-end code (HTML, CSS, WordPress). I provided comprehensive digital marketing management as a consultant, including lead generation, conversion optimization, automated lead-warming campaigns, SEO/SEM, social media and web content, and high-converting sales campaigns.


Founder, Director of Marketing & Sales, Bringing Babies Home

April 2009 – October 2015

I filled a healthcare practice, keeping it consistently booked at above-market rates with outstanding lead generation and sales skills. Then, I doubled revenue with a new training product, testing and launching with a lean process in less than two weeks.

Always seeking new opportunities to grow, I created Foodie Moms, a premium brand that grew exponentially, while managing a growing team. I am a recognized thought leader in the field and contributed to this best-selling book.


Development Manager, Alzheimer’s Association

October 2012 – September 2013

I raised over $100,000 in an hour by delivering every aspect of a luncheon fundraising event. My strong relationship skills led this event to be the second most successful in the entire California-Nevada region, out of 15 new pilot events.

President, Birthways

November 2010 – June 2011

Promoted to this leadership position, I led team meetings, managed a website redesign, and created a content-based marketing strategy, which included managing email marketing, sales campaigns, and digital content creation.

Development Manager, Birthways

April 2010 – November 2010

I secured three major sponsors, including Whole Foods, and over fifty vendors as manager of the East Bay Baby and Kids Fair, a gathering to empower Bay Area parents during early parenthood. I managed event staff, board members, and volunteers.

Development & Outreach Associate, Alameda Point Collaborative

August 2008 – June 2009

At AP Collaborative, a nonprofit housing formerly homeless families, I was responsible for all public communications, managing digital channels, building donor relationships, and administrating grants to fund an operating budget of $2 million per year.

Outreach Coordinator, Green Building Exchange

January 2008 – June 2008

I developed a full calendar of marketing events to bring potential customers and their public audience to this demo center. I recruited teachers to host over 40 new classes and managed a large auto show that brought over 500 people.

Research Assistant, MIT and USDA

January 2007 – May 2007

Using cutting edge data science techniques, I helped build a national, searchable database of all food-related transactions in the U.S.

Project Manager, EDA University Center for Economic Diversification

January 2006 – May 2006

Managing seven undergraduate researchers, I led an investigation of the economics of the unbanked in Detroit, Michigan.

Research Assistant, EDA University Center for Economic Diversification

June 2005 – January 2006

I was responsible for market research to understand the local food system, composing written surveys, phone interview scripts, and finding research contacts.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Environmental Policy & Planning, Organizational Management

2006 – 2007

  • Masters coursework included communications, statistics, organizational change, and management
  • Activities: Co-organized a campaign that led MIT to expand environmental curricula, plus fund aggressive campus-wide sustainability efforts


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2002 – 2005

Honors BA, Environment, Psychology, Writing, Statistics

  • Recipient of National Merit Scholarship and six different Honors awards
  • Early graduation and graduate coursework
  • Activities: ESL Tutor, Residential College and Program in the Environment, Organizer for racial, economic, and environmental justice


If you think I might be a fit for your team, you can be in touch.