Work Samples

Content Creation

Conversion-driven copywriter and Photoshop ninja


  • Ghost and copywriting for clients like MIT, Sutter Health Midwives at St. Luke’s Hospital, and Alzheimer’s Association (read a writing sample)
  • Thousands of marketing content and design projects, including a book cover, social media content, logos, websites, and web-content (eg. quizzes, infographics)

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Full, Optimized Funnels


  • Comprehensive SEO/SEM and website design with an eye for increasing lead generation, warm leads, and sales
  • Growth via paid social ads, Google AdWords, referral partner relationships, outreach blogging (guest blogging for partners and media)
  • Optimized social media growth and created high-converting campaigns for new customer acquisition via social (view sample)

Growth via Web Conversion Optimization, SEO/SEM, Paid Search, PR, Partnerships & Social Media