Earn More by Using Untapped Data

Sometimes businesses grow without setting themselves up to take full advantage of the data at hand. For the Super Sisters, celebrity personal trainers, I set up data tracking for their digital funnels so they could understand performance for each of their messages on each of their channels.

Using existing tools, custom code, and freeware to keep costs low, I helped them automate and integrate their marketing data from their website and email campaigns.
Here is an overview of one dashboard I created, conversion-funnelwhere you can overall see opt-in and conversion rates for each of their products. These dashboards can show just one channel at a time, so each channel can be evaluated and marketing efforts improved. This vastly improved their ability to respond quickly to improve email lead warming campaign effectiveness and increase conversion rates. I was also able to show them which of their opt-ins were most effective, so they could build on those successes to increase sales.

With this data all in one place, they were able to stop sending traffic to landing pages that weren’t converting, identify key demographics and interests that drove sales, and recreate more effective email marketing campaigns to replace ones that were leading to high rates of opting out.